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We Offer Proactive Disinfecting and Sanitization Using State-Of-The-Art ULV & Electrostatic Foggers and EPA-Registered Products Guaranteed to Kill Coronavirus Within 10 Minutes - Verified on Site. 
We Offer Proactive Disinfecting and Sanitization Using State-Of-The-Art ULV & Electrostatic Foggers and EPA-Registered Products Guaranteed to Kill Coronavirus Within 10 Minutes - Verified on Site. 

Typical Touch Points of Coronavirus Contamination in Long Island, NY

  • Bathroom fixtures such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Laundry areas are also susceptible areas.
  • The most common areas of contamination can be prevalent within a kitchen area. Suspect areas include items like countertops, tables, general surfaces, and objects such as appliances.
  • Common room to room items that pose a major risk of contamination include: door knobs, hand rails, and light switches.
  • Shared equipment such as electronic devices can also be a cause of concern. Phones, TV remotes, tablets, and computers are ripe for the spread germs.
  • Some other common items to consider include: bedside tables, end tables, coffee tables, toys, paper dispensers, and soap dispensers. Essentially, any items that are handled or touched regularly.

What is the Average Cost of Coronavirus Cleaning in Long Island, NY?

  • Average cost for a residential Coronavirus Disinfection will cost between $1,200 and $3,500 in Long Island, NY, more in NYC.
  • In Long Island, NY, you can expect to pay between $1,200 to $8,000 for commercial Coronavirus Fogging Disinfection.
  • Some residential and commercial properties will vary greatly in cost depending on the size of the structure, and the scope of work involved. For the most part, Coronavirus Sterilization Treatments in larger structures will be higher in cost in NYC Metro areas.
  • Other than the Coronavirus fogging disinfection process, other options may be recommended to improve and stimulate a healthier space, such as CoverGuard - an additional application that can protect the surface for 30 - 90 days, depending on usage, contact and exposure to sunlight.

Key Components of Professional COVID-19 Disinfection in Long Island, NY

  • Prior to the start of your service, it’s imperative to have all surface areas of clear of items or debris. Surface based treatment is the key to an effective Virus disinfection. Having your facility ready and accessible, will improve the efficiency of our disinfection team and will assure greater results.
  • Mobilization of vehicles, trailers, and fogging equipment as required to perform the scope of work.
  • Our certified team will arrive with all required equipment needed to complete the job. Usage of PPE is required for the safety of our employees within this process. Air scrubbing devices may also be setup during the duration of the structural cleaning project.
  • EPA registered disinfectant against the Novel Coronavirus will be applied by fogging and/or damp wiping of all identified contaminated areas.

Infectious Disease Services We Offer

  • Pre-Cleaning Verification Testing
  • ​Infectious Disease Cleaning Protocols
  • ​Employee and Staff Awareness Training
  • ​Indoor Air Quality Evaluations and Testing
  • ​Cleaning & Disinfection Services
  • ​Disinfection Project Monitoring and Documentation
  • ​Post-Cleaning Verification Testing

Who We are Helping

  • Waste Management Facilities
  • ​Schools & Universities
  • ​Fast-Casual Restaurants
  • ​Cruise & Ferry Fleets
  • ​Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • ​Warehouses & Industrial Space
  • ​Group Homes & Apartment Complexes
  • ​Retirement Homes & Assisted Living Communities 
  • ​Residential Homes

    Instant Cleaning Verification Assessment

    • When performed by an environmental professional, a Certified Cleaning Verification Assessment is your best protection against liability before, during or after the Coronavirus in Long Island, NY.
    • ​The purpose of the sampling is to assist you in determining the effectiveness of your current cleaning practices against biological agents present in your home, business or facility.
    • ​Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not.
    • ​ATP testing systems are used to rapidly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly and to ensure that biofilms are not developing on the surface that could affect cleanliness. 
    • ​All samples are uploaded to our cloud database where real-time reports can be checked, verified and saved by your office support staff for continual monitoring of our services.

    Key Elements of a COVID-19 Cleaning Assessment in New York City

    • Space Identification: The first step in a building assessment is to delineate and identify the spaces within the property to be inspected.
    • Homogeneous Areas & Touch Points:
      A homogeneous area contains a space that is uniform in usage throughout the building, i.e. office, break room, kitchen, etc.) 
      A homogeneous touch point contains a point that is uniform in usage throughout the facility, i.e. light switch, door knob, elevator, etc.
    • Sample Locations: Sampling locations shall be determined based upon the building and occupants usage. Focus will always be taken to communal and high traffic/high usage touch points. 

    What is the Average Cost of Coronavirus Cleaning Verification in New York City?

    • Residential Home: $800 - $1,500
    • Commercial Office: $800+
    • Commercial Manufacturing: $800+
    • ​Retirement/Assisted Living: $1,200+
    • ​Health Care Facility: $1,200+
    • ​Schools/Public Buildings: $1,200+
    • ​Fitness Studio/Gyms: $1,200+
    *Price will vary based on square footage and amount of samples needed to properly identify a proper sample-size pool

    How Long Does it Take For Test Results?

    • Instant readings - results in 15 seconds
    • Field data reports are available immediately, final reports are completed shortly after and uploaded to cloud database

    Why You Must Have a Coronavirus Response Plan in New York City

    • Infectious Disease monitoring and disinfection will be the top priority of your employees and visitors, you must be prepared.
    • Teaming with an environmental professional provides confidence to your employees and tells them you are taking their safety seriously.
    • It's the law. OSHA requires an employer to have a Hazard Communication Standard - Emergency Action Plan in place. There is a rapidly growing call for harsh punishment and increased liability against employers that do not meet these standards.
    • This liability will not change and go away. In fact, it will become the new normal and you will need to be prepared for the next wave of this virus.
    • ​Whether you are an essential business or non-essential business you should have a plan in place and we can help.

    Employers Top 10 Emergency Planning Questions for COVID-19

    • Do you have current OSHA standards for the Hazard Communication Standard, Emergency Action Plan and Bloodborne Pathogens?
    • ​Do you have current CDC cleaning protocols for your in-house cleaning staff or hired cleaning staff?
    • ​Did you provide any COVID-19 specific training for your employees, especially the cleaning crews
    • ​Has your facility been assessed for a specific cleaning protocol by a professional?
    • ​Have you had an active COVID-19 positive case within the facility? If so, what did you do?, if not, what do you plan to do?
    • ​Do you have an environmental contractor lined up for preventative maintenance disinfection specifically for COVID-19? Or if you have a COVID-19 outbreak?
    • ​How do you plan on verifying your current cleaning crew is doing the job effectively? How do you plan on verifying they did their job correctly?
    • ​Have you considered adjusting/evaluating your buildings performance (HVAC, Occupancy Sensors, Fresh Air Economizers)?
    • ​Do you have the liability waivers for your employees to sign? Have you considered creating an awareness document?
    • ​Do you have hospital-grade cleaning supplies on-site for emergency decontamination protocols? 
      COVID-19 Business, Office, Warehouse and General Facility Reopening Services

      As your business schedules to reopen and return to regular operations, it is important to make sure the necessary precautions are taken. Reentering a facility after COVID-19 requires more than basic cleaning or janitorial services, it requires a company with the experience of handling biohazard cleaning and virus outbreaks. 

      GreenAdam Environmental Group in conjunction with CDC guidelines has developed a comprehensive cleaning protocol for quickly yet effectively cleaning commercial spaces starting to reopen.  

      We utilize state-of-the-art ULV and electrostatic fogging equipment with hospital-grade, EPA registered products to kill 99.999% of all viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes of contact. It is absolutely crucial to implement a proactive cleaning schedule prior to reentry as contagions can lay dormant for weeks and months inside of closed spaces. 

      In addition, we have developed a comprehensive Economic Recovery Response Guide for facilities preparing to re-open post the COVID-19 shutdown. The guide covers important aspects of cleaning solutions, product benefits and safety attributes such as all of our products are certified organic by OMRI.

      To instantly download your copy of GA's Economic Recovery Response Solutions Guide Click Here >> 
      Our facility reopening cleaning includes:
      Hand cleaning of all horizontal and frequently contacted surfaces such as: door handles, keyboards, desks, seating areas, handrails, copiers and printers, shopping carts, production equipment, touch screens and more.

      After hand cleaning all frequently contacted surfaces, GreenAdam will apply an aerosolized disinfection solution to frequently touched porous surfaces such as upholstery, carpet, cubicles, etc. We will then shampoo all entryways, conference rooms, hallways and open area carpet. We also apply an EPA-registered, healthcare-grade disinfectant during this step of the process. Air Movers (high-powered fans) will be left on all cleaned carpet overnight to ensure quick drying. All restrooms within the facility will be disinfected from top to bottom including: walls, floors, toilets, sinks, partitions, counters and all other surfaces within the restrooms.

      If your facility has large open areas such as those found in warehouses or manufacturing plants, GreenAdam can mist an aerosolized EPA-registered, healthcare-grade disinfectant into the atmosphere of the area and on horizontal surfaces. If required, we can also hand clean individual pieces of equipment.

      Working with renowned environmental scientists and industrial hygienists to engineer our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection processes provides you with the most comprehensive service available, while avoiding unnecessary costs. Our technicians are trained in biohazard cleanup and certified by the IICRC. In addition, each employee is trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment to not only protect their safety, but also limit the chance of cross-contamination.

      GreenAdam Environmental Group offers the most comprehensive COVID-19 re-opening cleaning available. We have the experience with biohazard cleanup and even previous coronavirus outbreaks such as SARS and MERS. Reentering your facility is a big step in getting back to normal business operations and requires careful planning and preparation. 

      Upon request we will also apply a special protectant coat of our patented CoverGuard formula which can protect hard, non-porous surfacts for up to 90 days, depending on usage, direct-contact and exposure to sunlight.  

      For more information on CoverGuard, Click Here >>

      NYS Department of Health continues to provide guidance for businesses and facilities preparing to reopen or return to standard business operations. As additional updates become available, we will work with the health department, environmental scientists and industrial hygienists to ensure our cleaning and disinfection meets or exceeds all state health department recommendations in addition to the CDC guidelines which we already meet or exceed.

      While the CDC does provide guidance for COVID-19 in workplaces, another important source is OSHA which includes regulations for COVID-19 in the workplace under two clauses and standards.

      First, under The General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, 29 USC 654(a)(1), which requires employers to furnish to each worker “employment and a place of employment, which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.” 

      Also, under OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) which applies to occupational exposure to human blood and other potentially infectious materials. Where respirators are required, employers will also have to comply with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134). 

      These standards provide clear requirements of companies to provide safe, healthy environments for their employees.

      It is not certain yet but New York State may enact language such as Minnesota, i.e.

      Prior to loosening restrictions for a given setting, businesses must:

      Create, share, and implement a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that sets out the actions they are taking to ensure:
      - social distancing
      - worker hygiene
      - facility cleaning and disinfection necessary to keep workers safe
      - Engage in health screening of employees and ensure that sick employees stay home
      - Continue to work from home whenever possible

      Other state have released requirements as well such as:

      (1) In addition to maintaining pre-existing cleaning protocols established in the facility, clean and disinfect high-touch areas routinely in accordance with CDC guidelines, in spaces that are accessible to customers, tenants, or other individuals.

      (2) Maintain pre-existing cleaning protocols established in the facility for all other areas of the building.

      The White House has released their 3-phase approach to reopening America.

      Some of the guidelines include which facilities should be allowed to open at the specified stage, guidelines for employers and business operators and the use and disinfection of common areas within facilities.

      As many people are wondering what facilities will be open during each phase? Or when will restaurants open, gyms open and so on. 

      These guidelines assume all businesses reopening follow social distancing guidelines and may be required to adhere to additional restrictions such as limiting the number of patrons.

      The following facilities will be opened during phase one:

      Offices / General Business (return in phases if possible)
      Large Venues

      The following facilities will be opened during phase two:
      Schools and organized youth activities

      The following facilities will be opened during phase three:

      Senior Living visitation resumes
      All business types (possibly with restrictions)

      With our testing, cleaning and training protocols we are able to meet and or exceed any state requirements and have your business ready to open at the earliest possible opportunity.

      Working with renowned experts in the field of environmental science and in conjunction with our in-house environmental remediation experts, GreenAdam Environmental Group has developed preventative baseline cleaning and decontamination protocols and standard operations practices related to the COVID-19 virus. 

      To best meet our clients’ needs we have developed two areas of operating procedures. 

      One set of protocols addresses any preventative cleaning needs for facilities at a heightened risk of infection or looking to take proactive measures to protect their customers, residents or patrons. 

      The second set of standard operating procedures relates to any facility that believes it has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or has a confirmed case of the coronavirus. 

      Developing two sets of procedures helps us maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning or decontamination while reducing any unnecessary cost.  

      Both our preventative cleaning and decontamination protocols involve not only specific requirements for cleaning, but also the disinfectants and decontamination systems to be used. In addition, we utilize strict personal protective equipment (PPE) standards for all employees throughout the entire process. Not only are we currently conducting preventative cleaning and decontamination services for COVID-19 coronavirus across the state, but we have years of past experience handling similar outbreaks and pandemics such as SARS and MERS.

      If you are concerned about COVID-19 coronavirus and would like to talk to one of our experts about whether preventative cleaning makes sense for your facility, simply CLICK HERE>>

      To learn more about our direct response to COVID-19 outbreaks you can also download a copy of our Quick-Sheet Here

      Crews using ULV cold foggers to spray products in an airliner and commercial office space
      We Kill Coronavirus 
      in 10 Minutes Flat.™
      • We're ready to disinfect, sanitize and clear your business following any outbreak
      • Our trained experts follow CDC-guidelines to limit your downtime by as much as 75%
      • We can beat the national average price per sq. ft. by as much as 50%

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