We Disinfect & Sanitize Spaces Using ULV Electrostatic Foggers & EPA-Registered Products Guaranteed to Kill Coronavirus Within 10 Minutes and
Protect For up to 30 Days.

We Disinfect & Sanitize Spaces Using ULV Electrostatic Foggers & EPA-Approved Products Guaranteed to Kill Coronavirus Within 10 Minutes and Protect For up to 30 Days.


Coronavirus Disinfection & Testing Services
Coronavirus Disinfection & Testing Services

Virus Killing Solutions: EPA-registered organic products with efficacy measured to a 99.99% kill rate

Sanitized Pressure Washing: Primary debris removal thereby depriving the contaminant of medium upon which to feed and thrive

Surface Cleaning: Safe and effective upon all solid and non-porous surfaces. Non-corrosive and 200x safer than bleach

Fogging: Atomized delivery to efficiently address any and all surfaces upon which aerosol contaminants might settle
Unlike most companies that are using poison to treat the threat of a virus we're using EPA-Certified, OMRI-Approved and Health Canada Verified organic products. We not only 100% stand behind everything we use, we can prove it. 

We use state-of-the-art testing methodologies to randomly check surfaces to make sure that when we clean, it's clean. We're able to generate field reports in as little as 15 seconds and upload full reports to the cloud for client liability protection daily.

Instant Cleaning Verification Assessment

  • When performed by an environmental professional, a Certified Cleaning Verification Assessment is your best protection against liability before, during or after the Coronavirus.
  • ​The purpose of the sampling is to assist you in determining the effectiveness of your current cleaning practices against biological agents present in your home, business or facility.
  • ​Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not.
  • ​ATP testing systems are used to rapidly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly and to ensure that biofilms are not developing on the surface that could affect cleanliness. 
  • ​All samples are uploaded to our cloud database where real-time reports can be checked, verified and saved by your office support staff for continual monitoring of our services.
Disinfection Pricing & Weekly Rates
(Updated Weekly)

Pay When You Can

We are modernizing Coronavirus disinfection by putting our local communities first. We want to partner with you to reopen your business but understand that funds are tight.  

That's why we're introducing the "Pay When You Can" model.
We'll spray, get you ready to open and when you can, send us a check. It's that simple. 

Long Island, NY

We're centrally located to strategically respond to either an emergency service call or simply a proactive cleaning. Most of our team also deploys straight from their homes which stretch from Brooklyn to East Hampton, allowing us to protect your home or business with faster service.

We Love What We Do

We know you will, too. By leveraging technology, organic EPA-certified products and our world-class staff we are changing the way that people interact, manage, and think about Coronavirus on Long Island.

To read more about our services, applications, protocols and pricing visit us at greenadam.com

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